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KANcycling offers two types of occasional features: special reports related directly to cycling, and “off the bike” reports on topics not directly related to cycling (usually about Japanese culture, places, events, etc.)

A special report on whether or not, and how, to cycle through tunnels, particularly those in the rugged Japan Alps.


Every first Saturday in April Himeji Castle offers the ultimate traditional Japanese experience: cherry blossoms, koto played by women in kimono, and sake at 100 yen a cup!


An interesting new cycle challenge in the city of Otaru, Hokkaido — just be sure to pack a good pair of lungs before you try it.


Our report on a “tiny taste of Noh drama” at a traditional machiya in Kyoto, sponsored by a group working to preserve these unique Kyoto residences.


The latest trends in very lightweight, compact bikebags, featuring the Tioga Cocoon (which may be the lightest of all).


In October 2018, we cycled National Route 158 again to see how dangerous it feels to cycle through the tunnels. We found direction matters — a great deal.


Will it happen anytime soon? We investigate.


How viable is Japan’s new domestic travel program? We investigate.



A report on the coronavirus and what it means for cycling in Japan.

(UPDATE May 2020)


A look at some of the recent cycle-touring route guides that have been released in Japan.