KANcycling is short for "KANSAI cycling," Kansai being the western part of Honshu which includes Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Kobe. However, this site includes routes throughout the country, not just those in the Kansai.

The name KANcycling was chosen because

(a) it's where both the site and its creator reside,

(b) the name worked well in Japanese, and

(c) it just seemed to be a more interesting title than something generic like "Cycling Japan." :-)

All current and future routes, research, photographs, text, background music / sound effects (coming eventually) and web site design -- and hence all errors, gaffes and blunders -- are the work of:

Don Todt         

( dontodt@kancycling.com)

Comments and suggestions regarding the site are always welcome. Simply click the EMAIL icon above, or use the following email address in your email program:




KANcycling could only have become a reality with a lot of help from my friends.

Special thanks to:

  1. Steve Porritt of kyomedia.com for invaluable professional advice on interface design and web site construction.

    • Mike Schultz, Miyako Morita, Shusaku Ebira, Laurence Axtell and Kaori Akiyama for companionship and continuing inspiration.

    • All of the other people who have cycled with me throughout Japan over the years.