Japan is a beautiful country, and there's no better way to see it than from a bicycle. But Japan also has one of the best transit systems in the world. So combining a bicycle with the extensive network of trains, ferries and buses here gives you the best of both worlds - and all the options you could possibly want.

If you're a tourist:

Click the Destinations button above and select a destination to start your virtual cycling tour of Japan. Each destination is divided into four sections:

Story & Photos is the main travelogue and contains most of the photos. This will probably be the most interesting section for tourists.

Route has a map showing the exact route. For some destinations, clicking on this map displays a larger, more detailed map.

Nuts & Bolts contains practical information on that particular destination and is designed for the people who actually want to cycle that route.

Alternatives offers suggestions on how to extend the trip or combine it with other trips. Since it also features photos, this section will also be of interest to tourists.

If you're a traveler:

You're already in the "Getting Started" section - so click the links at the top of the page for some practical information on planning cycling trips in Japan. The Nuts and Bolts section under each destination also contains practical information on that particular destination.

In addition:

Map contains a map of Japan with the routes marked, helping you to search for routes in specific parts of Japan. More routes will be incorporated as they are added to this site.

Resources provides a list of cycling web sites and cycling books and magazines, as well as one or two general guidebooks on traveling in Japan.

Email is for comments, suggestions etc. which are always welcome. (Clicking the button opens up an email message addressed to KANcycling.)

Have a great trip!