- The simplest way to extend this trip is to circle back around to where you started. From Nagasaki, circling clockwise to the north will take you through Fukuoka, the island's largest city - not so interesting in itself (though it has a decent beach), but it's also the jumping-off point for the ferry to the islands of Iki and Tsushima which offer even better beaches and the chance to see dolphins. However, unless you're heading to the islands, it would probably be better to go back east (the way you came) or circle south (through the islands of Amakusa) to Aso. Aso offers a dramatic caldera, supposedly the largest in the world, as well as a very pretty cycle ride up to the caldera and its environs; for more information, see the Kyushu section on this site. (You can also arrange to pass through Kumamoto to see the famous black castle.) From Aso, you can continue on with the first part of the Kyushu route in reverse, traveling northeast along the lovely Yamanami Highway and ending up at Beppu and the ferry back to Honshu. Or you could continue south along the Kyushu route, to Kagoshima or beyond. Once again, see the Kyushu section on this site.

- This route starts at the top of Kyushu, near Honshu - so if you did the route in reverse, starting at Nagasaki and ending up at the top of Kyushu, you could continue on to Honshu by ferry (from the port of Kita-Kyushu). There are also trains and undoubtedly buses that go to points on Honshu; long-distance buses almost always have plenty of room for a bagged bicycle in the bottom storage area beneath the seats. The cave and stone-studded plain of Akiyoshi and the wonderful town of Hagi are near the southern end of Honshu; either (or both) would make a great destination. (The Akiyoshi - Hagi route will be featured on this site in the future.)

- Ferries from both Beppu and Oita go across the straits to Shikoku, which is covered extensively on this site (see the Shikoku route).

- Lastly, travelers with LOTS and LOTS of time could cycle up to the famous harbor of Sasebo and further north to the "99 islands" - actually 160 islands of various sizes stretching southwest of Nagasaki. We confess that we haven't actually been there, but parts are reported to be lovely.

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