Japan Cycling  Websites (in English)

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General Cycling in Japan

Japan Cycling Navigator


Along with KANcycling, the best source for bicycling information on Japan. JCN has grown considerably in the last few years, with many new areas to the site. However, specific cycling routes are limited to Honshu (designed to go from Fukuoka to Tokyo) and, recently, one cross-Hokkaido route. 

Outdoor Japan (Cycling)


The cycling section of the website for the magazine Outdoor Japan. Lists prospective routes (but with no specific route information) and cycling terminals. Most of the specific information is in section entitled “Feature Articles” (http://www.outdoorjapan.com/oj/site_db/fs?fs_activity=01&language=english).

Cycle Information (Bicycle Culture Center)


The Bicycle Culture Center’s site, with lots of very general information but also descriptions of major Japanese race events (in the “Let’s Ride” section).

Aspects of Bicycle Touring in Japan (by Bill Macher)


Several pages containing lots of very good general information on cycling in Japan. Be sure to check out the ferry link for the beautiful photos of the amazing interiors of Japanese ferries...


“Enjoy cycling and drinking around Japan!.”Travelogues of 10 years of cycling around Japan plus a section with general information on cycling in Japan.

Bicycle for Everyone’s Earth (BEE) Japan


Organization that does a yearly ride across Japan (Wakkanai to Kagoshima or Okinawa) to promote environmental awareness. “Space for up to 8 riders.”

“A few words on cycling and wild camping in Japan”

On the Ewa & Bart site listed below, and just what the title says... complete with a 5-minute YouTube music & photo video!

The Art of Cycling Around Japan (Active.com)

Short article with general information about cycling in Japan.

Cycling in Japan 02-18-04 (Flak Magazine)

Short article on cycling in Japan, though in some places the advice seems a bit misleading. Among other things: “You can even take your bike along at no extra charge if you put it in a carry bag” makes it sound like you can take it on without the bag but will have to pay extra (nope, only bagged bikes allowed). Also: not all mountain passes are clogged with trucks; flat areas usually have horrendous traffic, trucks or no; and “late fall through early summer” on the “Pacific Coast” being best for cycling is only if you can stand COLD (especially if the Pacific Coast is meant to include Tohoku...).

Trip Accounts

Cycling Trip Shikoku and Kii, Japan 1999

Just what it says; a long (1560km) trip completely around Shikoku and down the Kii Peninsula. Loads of great pictures and maps showing the route.

Emi & Steve


Site for Emi and Steve’s trip around the world!

Peter, Mike and Jan's bicycle tour in Japan (2000)

Description of a 2000 trip in Kyushu with accounts by all three participants. Click “photos” below for lots more photos.

Trip through western Japan (by Jan Boonstra) July 1993

One of several sections of multipage trip descriptions in many countries. Lots of nice photos!

Japan Bicycling Trip (Lynne & Rick) September 9-25, 2000

Multipage account of a multiday trip in Kyushu with lots of great photos.

Tandem Riding in Japan

Descriptions of multiple tandem journeys around Japan in 1995. Quotable quote:

The rumors about tandems being illegal in most of Japan are true, but it is interesting how the police manage to turn away from us as we approach so that they can't see us! As we were told, many people exceed the speed limit but they are not ticketed. This was indirect communication saying you can ride the tandem, but I did not say you could. (Note: KANcycling cannot endorse this position; in other words, your mileage may vary...)

Tomer Gurantz’s Japan 2002 Bicycle Trip

Among other things, an account of a 750-mile bicycle trip in Kyushu, Shikoku, and Okinawa.

Cycling in Hokkaido (Charles Kelly)

A wealth of material on a total of 12 months of cycling over 13 visits, complete with maps and lots of photos. Also lots of links to various cycling-related things.

Cycle Tokyo!

Site devoted to cycling around Tokyo for people living there. Includes a couple of suggested in-city tours.

Environmental Awareness Tour of Japan

Short article on the BEE 2,500 km trip across Japan to promote environmental awareness.

Paul  Dorn: Cycling in Osaka, Japan

On his website, a one-page account of visit to Japan and cycling in Japanese daily life.

Japan Rides (Ewa & Bart)

Descriptions of several routes in Japan, mainly in the Kansai (listed in the left column), with maps and photos.

Individual Route Pages

Shimanami Sea Road Cycling Guide


One of the better English sites on Shimanami. Maps and links to individual route sections (scroll down).

Shimanami (Ehime Prefectural Government)


Excellent page on the Shimanami route, with lots of very detailed information.

Wikiloc - Mt. Haruna Cycling Trail


Says “trail” but the entire route appears to be paved...

Cycling Groups

IOC / IAC : International Outdoor Club (Kansai) / International Adventure Club (Tokyo)



These sister organizations are basically informal groups of people who get together to do outdoor activities, usually on weekends and holidays. Membership includes both Japanese and foreigners. There are monthly meetings. Both do occasional cycling tours, I believe still with a coordinator leading but at-your-own-risk and on a pay-your-own-costs basis.

Tokyo Cycling (Yahoo Group)

Yahoo Group devoted to cycling in Tokyo.

Tokyo Cycling Club

In their own words: “The TCC consists of Japanese and foreign bicycle fans who enjoy a good ride around Kanto area as well as an occasional drink.”

Misawa Off Road Bicycling Association Homepage

Only the amusing "MTB Prayer" left at this link; the main group is apparently at http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/morba/ but does not appear to be very active anymore.

Travel in Japan

Japan Roads: Travel Tips


Some useful travel tips from the site of a company that arranges road (driving) tours.

Favorite Getaways in Rural Japan


In their own words: A detailed guide to rural Japanese travel getaways, with comprehensive facts on using Japanese inns, transportation, and baths -- plus abundant insights on Japanese culture.

JapanFile (KTO)


The site for archives from the Kansai Time Out, which for decades has been the premier magazine for the foreign community in Kansai. Includes travel section with many articles about various places in Japan. One hopes they will update it to include all of the wealth of information that the KTO has offered for so many years.

General Information on Japan

Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO)


The official site with lots of information. Their “top twenty destinations” have almost nothing outside the Tokyo or Kyoto areas...

JNTO “Affordable Japan”


Links to lots of information on traveling cheaply in Japan.



Lots of general information on specific tourist destinations in Japan.

Domestic Transit

Highway Buses


General information on taking highway buses in Japan. Links to specific bus company sites (Japanese only) are near the bottom of the page.

JR “Odekake-Net”


Japanese-only, but inserted here to complement the highway bus site, since the “My Daiya” box on the left near the top of the site allows you to search for train times from anywhere to anywhere in Japan (theoretically; there are still some bugs in the system). KANcycling will provide instructions on using this great new tool soon.


“New Rules for Cyclists Go Round in Circles”

Japan Times article from February 2008 about potential new laws regarding cycling on sidewalks.

Copenhagenize.com: The Powerful Cycling Mothers of Japan

Off-the-wall article on an alleged housewife cycle commuting protest. I cannot vouch for this information, but thought readers might find it interesting...

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