Because this route links two of Japan's major islands, your options are myriad.

- First and foremost, Onomichi is such a nice little city that it's well worth going a day or two early (or staying a day or two if you end up there). These photos show two of the reasons: the temple Senkoji, with a great view of the harbor, and one of the other temples on the walking route with the largest sandals you've ever seen.

- Not far from Onomichi to the east is Tomo, shown in the photo below. A smaller town and therefore quieter than Onomichi (and quite a bit more mountainous), Tomo has no budget accommodations but is very picturesque and well worth a visit.

- A short distance west of Onomichi, Takehara is a typical modern rural town except for one small traditional section that is very nicely preserved. It probably doesn't merit a special trip, but it's worth a stop if it's on your way.

- Further west, Hiroshima surely needs no introduction - a visit to the Peace Memorial and heartbreaking museum are a must on many visitors' itineraries.

- Lastly but certainly not least: if you end up at Matsuyama and want to continue on through Shikoku, see the Shikoku route on this site. From Matsuyama, you can head east along the northern coast, from Nihama where the bridge ends, to Takamatsu and Tokushima (kind of industrial and not particularly recommended), or inland (better, but VERY hilly) or south along the coast to the wonderful little town of Uchiko (which is a bit inland, but no real hills) and then to Uwajima and Cape Ashizuri (shown above) - this last is probably the best option. For photos of this last option, see the part of the Shikoku section dealing with eastern Shikoku and Matsuyama. (Since the route is presented in the other direction, ending up in Matsuyama, you'll have to start on the page with Matsuyama and go backward - sorry.)

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