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The villa looks virtually the same, although it’s showing its age a bit. The main changes for the worse are organizational and involve the kitchen and common room. Apparently the big kitchen and lobby / dining room is being rented to someone who uses it as a restaurant, and that means the big kitchen is off limits to visitors; we’re allowed to use only the cubbyhole kitchen in the back with a microwave and tiny burner. Worse, we’re allowed in only a tiny corner of the big lobby / common room with the panoramic view; the rest is literally roped off. (The problem seems to be potential damage to the tables and chairs, which are the property of the restaurant operator.) The Nuts & Bolts section has some photos to illustrate the problem. Even if the big kitchen remains off limits, it would sure be nice to have the use of the lobby / dining room again — it’s the only real place in the villa to relax and socialize.

An example of the great views this road offers. This is near the end; the views are even more dramatic from higher up. Eventually you get to the main intersecting road, and from there it’s a short ride further up to the villa. Note that the key is now managed by the gift shop at the Olive Garden facility further up the hill from the villa. They let me drop the key in the mailbox when I left, which saved me a trip puffing up the hill to return it.