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The Tour de Noto has been an annual event since 1988, and each year it attracts anywhere from hundreds to thousands of riders. It's quite an experience to ride in such a large group, and it's a great opportunity to make friends with other cyclists of all types: novice, professional, weekend warrior, hardcore Xtremist, you name it. However, the opportunity comes at a steep price: the fee is 30,000 yen, including neither transportation to and from Kanazawa nor any accommodations along the way.

If you can handle the steep admission fee, though, you'll be in for a treat: riding along seacoast scenery like this, and generally at your own pace. Unlike the more famous racing Tours, the Tour de Noto is not a race: it's a group long-distance ride, and no prizes are awarded for the first to finish behind the leader. As far as I know, the only prizes are given for youngest participant and oldest participant. The last year I did the ride, that range was low teens to early 70s.